The hardest part for any web based project is knowing what you, the lcient, really wants your new site to do. For that, there’s a umber of ways that we look to divine, for want of a better word, what you think your new site should look like. Giving example site’s even if it’s a part of a site (“I like the top navigation of this site, the page setup of This site”) helps us as developers get to the point of knowing what you want faster, giving you your site quicker.


The style and overall feel and flow of a site is usually determined by the end requirement of the site – what you need it to do for you will in many ways dictate the best style overall that you should go with. A blog styled site, with easy going articles shouldn’t suddenly become a hotbed of ‘Buy NOW!’ buttons, but should be styled and developed to work within the core presence thats already there.


Developing a site can be approached from different directions, we do so with only one direction in mind- delivering what you the lcient wants. From discovery we know what you like, and hate, in sites. Through design we’ll have a great idea of what you want it to deliver – now we build it for you, at your hosting, and deliver.