There’s always more than one way to do things, and we believe it’s better to do it Right the first time.

This is why there are certain items that we require when building a new site, or rebuilding an old site, to ensure that all things go the right way with the correct outcome.

All builds start with 3 things – Discovery, Discussion, and Decisions. We discover by speaking with you directly and by email, exactly how you want the site to work for you.  Over discussions, we’ll narrow down by element what’s needed and together decide what the next steps are to achieving that. All well and good, and how all site builds should be determined. 

By using simple free technologies the first thing to do is create a staging area for any build work to be done on Your own hosting area. Most reputable hosting companies have this available freely, and for those hosts that don’t, there are many ways to set this up from within WordPress. A staging area is a copy of your ‘live’ site that’s not available for search engine discovery by design, to allow for testing of new styles, updating plugins and text, etc. without impacting your live site. 

With your staging area set, the next item is a child theme. 

A child theme is a tiny little file that will hold any changes made in your site’s build away from and apart from the core theme files themselves. This means you are not altering core items when customizing your site design, and this, in turn, helps both protect your site from problems if something does update, and saves your site requiring constant attention. 

From here, with a complete ideal of what the site build will do for you when completed, and with a staging area complete with child them to work in, your site will be built correctly and protected from the get-go.

This is what we do.

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