WordPress Websites For Business

2 Seconds......

That’s the amount of time your site has to gain a prospects attention – and to get them to do something.

Join a Mailing List – View and Buy a Product – Read your Latest Article – Ask For a Quote

2 Seconds......Gone

We work with small and medium sized businesses to bring you affordable, quality, working websites.

Some Current Client's

Jacks Bean

Given the link to a WayBack Machine page, and asked to create the new site from that starting point. That’s what happened.

3 figure cost.

Central Park Dental

Our Client had no presence online before we got to work together. We helped with logo creation, image sourcing and of course the full site development and implementation.

4 figure cost.

Gaslight KC Homes/Rebilt Homes

From a Wix one page re-directed to a form, to a complete site. The owners were looking to use the site’s they’ve had for years to promote the business in a positive manner, at a great price point and to allow them to control the site themselves. This is the crux of WordPress – doing it yourself, once you have the site!

4 figure cost.

West Coast Onyx

A store that’s not a store. The client prefers not to make online sales, as the product line is unique and has many aspects that don’t convey themselves except in person. WooCommerce without payments.

All aspects of this development were included in this build and developed with a bespoke design.

3 figure cost.

What's Included

On Page CRO

A website without some form of SEO (search engine optimization) or CRO (conversion ratio optimization) is like wearing shoes without laces – it just won’t do what you want it to. We always include some on-page to get you going.

Content Management (made easy)

Things couldn’t be simpler if you can do it yourself, right? We offer 3 months of support after delivery, to show you how to get the best from your new build. From How-To custom video’s to one on one video meetings we’ll be here to keep you going.


As much as it might pain many developers to hear, with the tools in use today within WordPress, we offer fully bespoke, one-of-a-kind, website’s to all our clients. Custom page per product in your store? Sure. A different header per page? Sure – we can do this and more when requested.

Complimentary Addons

One single thing will lift your website, and takes less time to add than it takes to read this. Click to call. Does your current site have an instant SMS link to your sales department? What about things like email to post, or auto-posting to your social pages? That’s what we add, the power to succeed.


Launch your web presence

Getting sent a hand-drawn image to build a site from has happened with us more than once. Using Wayback Machine captures of old site’s to build from – yup, we’ve done those too. If you have an idea of what you want, even something as simple as ‘I’m a plumber, what can you do for me?’ – we can help you get that business off the ground. We’re here to get you going, and to help you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Choose Quick Local Websites To Work With?

Cost Effective

You can go to a high profile agency, spend 10's of thousands of dollars, or more..with no end in sight. We tell you up front the full cost and specific timeframe. We keep it simple for all to understand.

Increase Sales

Why, exactly, do you have a website if it isn't working for you? You need to have your site gathering leads for your product sales, working with you to place social posts, extending your reach to new prospects all the time. This is why we include certain items, that many others charge a LOT for.

SEO On Board

We include on-page SEO factors, that get included as we build out your site. A website without SEO is like trying to drive a BMW with no gas - you might look good, but your going nowhere like that. At a minimum, on page SEO/CRO (conversion ratio optimization) should be required.

Whats the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Ratio Optimization?

The simple fact of the matter is that Search Engine's don't buy products or services, people do. We optimize with a view to attracting people to your site that want your products, or services, from the area or demographic you want. While placing in search results is paramount, being there for the Right circumstance is key, not for generalities.

Better Workflow

By working with you to utilize all that your new website can do for your business, our overall aim is to simplify how you interact with digital properties and projects. Little things like email to post to your blog can make all the difference.

Support and Training

Too often the 'mushroom method' is used when folks buy a new website ("Just keep them in the dark"). Can you type an email? Then you can adjust your site yourself, when we leave it with you after training. 3 months training and support is included with all builds - from Zooms and one on one calls or visits, to site specific 'how do I do that?" video's for you to keep.

Experience Matters

Knowledge is power, as they say, and knowing how to do things beforehand is where experience comes in. We've worked from PSD's, from Wayback Machine copy's, heck we've even had a fax'd (Yeah, THAT long ago) hand drawn napkin sent to build a site from. We couldn't do that without knowing exactly what we're doing.

People Matters

We're people, too, and we have no problem getting on a call, or chat, to discuss things. There's no 3 or 4 middlemen to an oversea knock-off shop. When you call you speak with a person, that's going to do the work for you, and with you.

The Missing Piece Of Your Business Puzzle

No Drama, No B.S., We Build and Deliver Working Websites